The Monterey Peninsula Toy Box

Minor Amusements

Here are some small pages of amusements.
It's doubtful they'll make you laugh out loud, but  Mr. Toy hopes they'll generate a chuckle or two.

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A Cartoon.
Just a small page that sums up Mr. Toy's feelings about his home town.

Who wants to be a Local?
A quiz for people who live here or want to.

The Monterey Peninsulan
Sing along as if you were a Modern Major General

Not funny, don't click here!

Monterey Peninsula Light Bulb Jokes.
Most of these were written by Mr. Toy, but he gives you the chance to do better.

Mr. Jeffers Builds His House.
This would be a true story if he tried to build it today.

The Abalone Song
A Carmel tradition since 1907.

These items have nothing to do with the Monterey Peninsula, but Mr. Toy would like to share them just the same:

Evolution of the Breath Mint
The story of how we became kissably fresh.

A song without a melody

Little Joni
A poem for the little kids inside us


Republican Dictionary
What their words actually mean.

Obama, Obama
A song for the easily frightened.

We Gotta Protect Our Flag!
A poem for politicians and superficial patriots.

Why a dog is better than a gun.
The SPCA vs. the NRA

Want more? Check back another day. Something is bound to turn up sooner or later.