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Why a dog is better than a gun.

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The folks at the National Rifle Association are constantly telling us we need guns for personal protection. However, Mr. Toy has found a safer and more effective product: A dog. Why is a dog better than a gun?
  • A dog is cuddly.

  • A dog remains loyal to its owner.

  • Kids can play with a dog and be protected at the same time.

  • A dog can scare away an intruder before he breaks in.

  • A dog can tell the difference between an intruder and a family member in the dark.

  • If an intruder attacks, you don't have waste precious seconds to unlock the cabinet to get out the dog.

  • You can take a dog to the beach and other public places.

  • You don't have to carry a concealed dog, it can walk by itself and is a visible deterrent to attackers.

  • If your dog is stolen it can't be used against you.

  • A dog works when you are asleep or away.

  • A dog will love you.

Support the SPCA, not the NRA.