Heidi Toy

Piano Player & Teacher

Making piano lessons fun since 1976.

Accepting students of all ages.

Available for weddings and other social events.

Expert coaching & accompaniment for vocalists.

Extensive experience with musical theater production.

Seaside, California

A partial list of credits:

  • Musical Director - St. James Episcopal Church, Monterey

  • Accompanist - Monterey Peninsula Choral Society

  • Accompanist - San Carlos Cathedral

  • Musical Director - Ariel Theatrical
  • Musical Director - Bruce Ariss Wharf Theater, 1991-2002

  • Orchestra member with various musical theater productions including Monterey Peninsula College & Carmel's Forest Theater.

My Outlook:

Music makes my world go 'round. While sharing music with others I get back more smiles and thanks than I thought were possible. The rhythm of life, the sounds of nature, our melodic voices, contribute to the goodness of everyone's lives.

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Notes of Appreciation:

"Thanks to Heidi Toy, for assisting at a moments notice. Also, a gifted artist and genuine good person. Her sweet and upbeat disposition makes her a pleasure to work with."

-Glen Cheda
President, Board of Governors
Monterey Peninsula Choral Society


"Heidi is a trooper. She stands by her commitments, she is flexible, and you can always depend on her to be there when she is accompanying. She is a great musician and a great partner in whatever you are doing."

-Tyanne Goltz


"Heidi is what song leaders and cantors call 'a wonderful accompanist'. She listens to how I'm interpreting a piece of music and follows ... rather than leads. She's a great sight-reader too! And unexpected incidents or a change in plans for what's going to happen within the Mass don't rattle her."

San Carlos Cathedral


"I'd like to publicly thank Heidi, who is my new hero! You know, I just realized the other day that we could never have accomplished so much without all of her help with the ensemble rehearsals. Well, only if we rehearsed until midnight every Monday!!! THANKS HEIDI! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Desma Johnson
Assistant Director
Monterey Peninsula Choral Society