Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 

Story: About a pilot involved in the first American bombing raid on Japan in WWII, which was led by the legendary James Doolittle.

Scenery: The images of the Japanese coastline seen through the cockpit windows is actually the southern area of Carmel Bay.

Also of local interest: The real James Doolittle lived the last several years of his life in Pebble Beach.


  • Director: Mervyn LeRoy
  • Stars: Van Johnson, Spencer Tracy, Robert Walker, Phyllis Thaxter, Robert Mitchum.


  • Year: 1944
  • Studio: MGM
  • Film: B&W
  • Aspect ratio: 1.37:1
  • Sound: mono
  • Running time: 138 min.
  • Academy Awards: Best special effects. Nominated for cinematography.


Information compiled from:
The Monterey Herald,
the Monterey County Film Commission, Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide,
the Internet Movie Database,
and other sources.

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