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We Gotta Protect Our Flag!

By Mr. Toy

We politicians are offended,
That a flag was set aflame,
We feel that it must be defended,
From those who are to blame,
So your Bill of Rights must be amended,
To protect our country's name.

Though we've survived a thousand threats, 
To the freedom that is yours,
From Redcoats to Confederates,
Not to mention two world wars,
We admit we can't withstand the test,
Of a flag burned out-of-doors.

So we will take just one small right, 
We'll take it away from you,
You don't need flags burning bright,
To protest now, do you?
We know that you will see the light,
And accept our point of view.

From our lofty view in Congress, 
Its just a minor restriction,
When its in place you'll show respect,
For the flag and our institution,
We'll amend no more, of course, unless,
Someone mangles the Constitution.

So we'll do this job which must be done, 
The deficit problem can wait,
It's a vital task, which we won't shun,
Who cares if the budget is late?
Besides, this amendment will be fun,
And you voters will think it is great!

So by the next November Frost, 
Our campaigns will magnify it,
Not too much money will be lost,
In our race to sanctify it,
So never mind what it will cost,
For the states to ratify it.

Just let us put your mind at ease, 
Be assured the flag is saved,
You know we always aim to please,
As our flags and tongues we wave,
And anyone who disagrees,
Should go back into their cave.