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The Monterey Peninsulan

 By Mr. Toy
(with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)

Sing out loud!

I am the very model of a Monterey Peninsulan,
I Live in Carmel Knolls and I have friends who are Pagrovian,
From R.L.S. I graduated,
So I am sophisticated,
I love art and symphony,
With nature I'm in sympathy.

You'll find me out at Quail Lodge for golfing every Saturday,
On Sunday morn I'll be in church then at the Bough for matinee,
For Red Cross I'm a volunteer,
I've served on juries as a peer,
I've studied local history,
At MPC, photography.

Each weekend I must choose among our countless culture festivals,
That honor Bach or jazz or art or some odd sea comestibles,
When come the shows for classic cars,
I try to drive but can't get far,
But in the fall I freely roam,
Because the tourists have gone home.

I fight to keep this special place so lovely and so livable,
I get involved in everything my free time is so giveable,
I fought the Hatton Canyon freeway,
And that Fort Ord horsie raceway,
County supes all know my face,
The water board game is a waste.

On foggy Summer days I like to cuddle by the fireplace,
In Winter storms I'm by the shore to let the sea spray on my face,
In Autumn I put on my shorts,
To go out on the tennis courts,
While Midwest folks are in deep freeze,
I dine outside at Nepenthe's.

I read the Herald and complain that it's not like it used to be,
Its owners seem more int'rested in cutting costs than serving me,
Our County Weekly has a slant,
And prints what other papers can't,
I also love Carmel's Pine Cone,
The paper makes me feel at home.

Dad bought our house for thirty thousand back in nineteen sixty one,
We couldn't buy it now for it would cost a couple mill-i-on,
Our neighbors live in San Jose,
They bought their place to get away,
Some weekends they will spend time here,
And then complain about the deer.

The End

Foggy Day On Carmel Beach by James B Toy. Click to view or purchase.

"Foggy Day On Carmel Beach"

A Monterey Peninsulan enjoys a quiet walk on Carmel Beach, one of many images available from Mr. Toy's Photography Gallery and Picture Shop. Get something nice for yourself, be it a framed print or a simple coffee mug, to help support this website.