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Obama, Obama

A song for the easily frightened.
By Mr. Toy

Mr. Toy wrote this with an accompanying tune running through his head. Since he doesn't write sheet music, feel free to make up your own melody.

Obama, Obama, 
He's gonna kill us all
I heard it on the radio he's starting with Grandma
He's gonna pull the plug on her
I tell you I don't lie
So it is true you can be sure
That we're all gonna die.

Obama, Obama 
Is really communist
I read it in a magazine so I am sure of this
He's raiding U.S. treasury
To buy up private biz'
To make us drive electrically
And limit Pepsi's fizz.

Obama, Obama, 
Is brainwashing our kids
I saw it on a cable show I'll tell you what he did
He wants to teach that we evolved
And global warming's real
So kids will think there is no God
And animals can feel.

Obama, Obama, 
Is racist to the core
Just look at his appointment of Sonia Sotomayor
His dad is black his mom is white
This much is known for sure
I tell you this just isn't right
Our country's now impure.

Obama, Obama, 
Is gonna take my gun
I read it on a blog somewhere was written by someone
That blogger's lookin' out for me
Says Feds are gonna raid
I know his words are true you see
Because I am afraid.

Obama, Obama, 
I tell you he's a freak
Because he is articulate when he goes out to speak
He isn't like our buddy Bush
Or darling Sarah P.
I tell you he ain't one of us
'Cuz he don't talk like me.